Triple silver bracelet II

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Three unique bracelets combine as one in this comfortable, intriguing bracelet. The "s" clasp opens from both ends to allow you to wear single to multiple strands at once, and becomes a beautiful part of the bracelet itself. The 3-4mm wide silver beads on this set come from Turkey and the Karen Hilltribes of Thailand. I wear mine daily (except when I swim in water with chlorine). This is one of my signature items, and I have even had one purchased off my wrist in the NYC Subway! Since we all have different sized wrists, and like to wear bracelets differently, I am happy to make these as custom pieces, generally 1" larger than the circumference of the wearer's wrist. This set is just under 7 1/4" long. This version is slightly lighter in both weight and color than Triple silver bracelet I.