What in incredible holiday season!

20th Dec 2017

Dear Carnelian Knoll Customers-

I could not possibly do what I do without the support of all of my wonderful returning customers. I so appreciate that you have selected Carnelian Knoll as your go to place to purchase my handmade creations and that so many of you return to Carnelian Knoll year after year! THANK YOU. I'll be at booth B39 at the southern end of the Union Square Holiday Market through Sunday 12/24. Please come visit!

For those of you who can't make it to Union Square before the 24th or would like to come visit after the holidays are over, I will be returning to my studio on January 8th. To visit me at 103rd and Riverside Drive, please call me at 212-662-4634 or email Julie@CarnelianKnoll.com to schedule an appointment.

I plan to add new jewelry to the shop.CarnelianKnoll.com store in February, so please be sure to return to see what's new. I will post my Grand Bazaar weekends on the show page of this site in early Spring.

Happy Christmakwanzikkah to all.

And a healthy, peaceful, joyful, creative and happy New Year.