23rd Mar 2019

Spring is here and so are some fantastic new beads from the Philippines and from Italy!

I welcome to the Carnelian Knoll collection earrings featuring wood inlaid with abalone shell from the Philippines.  These fabulous new beads are reminiscent of peacock feathers set by hand in either a brown or white wood. Lovely.

And I'm carrying a new brightly colored striped resin bead from outside Rome, Italy. These contemporary beads are light weight and fun for Spring and Summer.

I have also added some new Balinese, Turkish and Thai silver to the collection as well as a larger version of the perennial favorite "traffic light".

So come find me at the Grand Bazaar, Bryant Park (a new market happening for a few weekends this Spring, TBA) or my studio. The show page of this site has details.

And you are always welcome to schedule a studio visit. Call 323-663-4634 or email Julie@Carnelianknoll.com.

Happy Spring!!