Cleaning your Carnelian Knoll jewelry

29th Nov 2020

I noticed from the searches on my site that several of you have querried about how to clean my work. So here it goes.

I like to make a mixture of baking soda and dishwashing detergent (dawn is great for the birds after oil spills, and apparently for silver as well - no they don't pay me...)  This combination is gentle enough for the pearls and stones as well as the vintage glass. Be sure to wash well with warm water to get all of the solution off of your jewels.

For items which are entirely silver, you can also try the following: place your jewelry in an aluminum pie pan or foil. Cover with baking soda. Add boiling water and gently shake or stir. DO NOT LEAVE  THE JEWELRY in the baking soda for too long as that might burn the silver. Wash off with warm water and soap.

DO NOT submerge the Swarovski crystals. They have a thin coat of either silver or gold on them which will come off (and leave behind a clear crystal- not bad, but not the original design). You can clean the findings by gently wiping them with the solution above, just avoid the crystals.

I hope this helps. Please be in touch if you have additional questions.